A Powerful Personal Trainer has a "strong effect" on his or her clients,

but it isn't through force. It is through inspiration, motivation, and enthusiasm.

A Powerful Personal Trainer builds trust with their clients

through actions and words that are genuine and true. He or she knows that trust is hard won and easily lost.

A Powerful Personal Trainer is also strong, not just physically, but financially.

He or she does not live paycheck to paycheck and instead builds a sustainable and thriving lifestyle around a personal brand.

A Powerful Personal Trainer isn't concerned with being "interesting",

rather he or she is "interested", focused 100% on the clients, their goals, and their dreams, and is tenacious in helping them to achieve those dreams.

A Powerful Personal Trainer is always in demand.

He or she gets results, leading to happy clients and more referrals.  This, in turn, leads to a full schedule, the opportunity to pick who he or she works with, and the ability to make his or her own hours.

A Powerful Personal Trainer is comfortable being uncomfortable.

Like an elite athlete, he or she trains hard to be the best and knows that this training takes time, effort, money, and determination. Feeling uncomfortable means you are growing so Powerful Personal Trainers seek out and embrace this discomfort. They are constantly learning and constantly striving to hone their craft.

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