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Powerful Physical Therapy believes that every person should receive the best care possible. 


We work together with our clients to come up with a specific plan to help them accomplish their goals!

Whether you are:

  • Recovering from an injury or pain

  • Wanting to pursue a more active lifestyle

  • Choosing preventative medicine

  • Want to improve your balance and stability

  • Training for an event

  • Need a tune up or recovery session

Powerful Physical Therapy offers a hybrid wellness model that is not only Physical Therapy, but provides services that will best help an individual during any stage of their life.

"Cat was great!  I've been having acute lower back pain for quite some time.  She was able to teach me exercises and stretches that helped eliminate the pain in just a couple of days.  I'm a numbers guy and she was able to give me exact measurements about how much more flexible I was, then before.  She was nice, professional, and most importantly incredibly knowledgeable about the body.  I 100% 10/10 would recommend her to anyone" - C.R.

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Balanced Based Torso Weighting (BBTW)

Dr. Powell is a certified BalanceWear therapist.  This vest is like having your PT with you all day long and helps those with gait and balance issues.

Click here to learn more about (BBTW)

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