Dr. Powell


Catherine Powell PT, DPT


Dr. Powell

Dr. Catherine Powell grew up competing in sports,  ultimately leading her into this profession after rehabbing multiple injuries herself. Her passion to help people fueled her to set up an environment where patients are the priority and get the undivided attention of their Physical Therapist. 

Dr. Powell attended Marymount University where she played both soccer and lacrosse.  There, she graduated Magna Cum Laude with her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences.  Dr. Powell completed her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Stony Brook University where she was presented Stony Brook’s Community Service Award.  While at Stony Brook she completed clinical affiliations in Acute Care, Outpatient Neurology, Outpatient Orthopedics, and School-Based Pediatrics.

Dr. Powell has completed an array of continuing education courses with emphasis on manual therapy and movement based specialties.  She is a certified BalanceWear Therapist, TRS Movement & Mobility Specialist, and a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).

In her free time Dr. Powell enjoys gardening and staying active through crossfit, yoga, spin classes and hiking. 

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Dr. Battista


Julianne Battista PT, DPT

Dr. Battista


Dr. Julianne Battista graduated with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from New York Medical College. She enjoys helping clients of all ages and ability levels work toward their goals.


Dr. Battista has experience in orthopedics, pediatrics and home health. She is certified in Blood Flow Restriction training and additionally holds her LSVT-BIG certification to treat individuals with Parkinson’s disease. In her free time, she enjoys kayaking and playing guitar. 


Dr. Schilling


Maria Schilling PT, DPT

Dr. Schilling

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Dr. Maria Schilling received her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Hofstra University followed by her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Stony Brook University. She is currently certified in LSVT BIG, a treatment for patients with Parkinson’s disease as well as a certified BalanceWear Therapist.


In addition to being a physical therapist, Dr. Schilling is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and has experience working with sports injuries and professional athletes.  For fun Maria likes to rock climb and go on adventures with her husky. 

Where It All Began

What got Dr. Powell into Physical Therapy?

9th grade- It was the final game before varsity basketball playoffs. I came down from a rebound, rolled my ankle badly and could not walk off the court.  I had sprained my ankle several times before, but this was different, I couldn't put weight on my foot.  

A few weeks went by filled with x-rays, MRI's and doctor's appointments.  The words "You need surgery" exited the orthopedic's mouth.  I was heartbroken because I could no longer compete in the sports I loved and was forced to sit on the sideline until the following fall season.

It turned out to be a blessing.  I was exposed to Physical Therapy.  I did get better, continued playing soccer, basketball and lacrosse throughout high school and went on to play college athletics as well. 


I was fortunate enough to have an amazing Physical Therapist who helped get me back on the field.   From that point on I knew I wanted to help others just as he had helped me.

Why Powerful?

During senior year of high school we were assigned an economics project to create a business.  (Thanks Mr. Case!... Shout out to all of South's wonderful Staff!)


I came up with "Powellful Physical Therapy"... see what I did there?


My goal was to provide patients with high quality care to help them recover and achieve their goals.


Who knew that this project would one day become a reality.


The Struggles of Standard Care:

While working in outpatient orthopedics, I was finally living my dream of being a Physical Therapist.  But I began to sense a substantial deficit throughout the health care system, including patient’s insurances and how they dictated and defined the treatment plan for an individual... despite not knowing anything about the patient at all.  I noticed my patients not returning at times they should either due to high co-payments, too high deductibles they were still responsible for, or the patients’ insurance denying them more sessions. The whole process was confusing for both patients and providers, not knowing what the bill would look like after several treatments and the high amount patients would still owe.


I began to realize that I was unable to treat my patients with the optimal care, not for lack of trying, but due to large, corporate entities’ protocols and insurance hurdles. I was getting triple and quadruple booked with my patients and often times found myself saying to them, “I wish I had more time with you.”


I thought endlessly about how I can change my impact and the routine in which patients just assume they had to take.  Suddenly, I realized—a private pay practice would give my patients the optimal care and individualized protocols that they need to get better in the least amount of time possible. With the ‘middle-man’ (insurance companies) out of the way, there will never be a surprise bill.  I am able to resume excellent, one-on-one patient care with positive, quicker outcomes and better results. 


How Powerful Physical Therapy Evolved:

The decision was made, and my dream of putting the patient first, always, turned into the reality and mission behind Powerful Physical Therapy.  Here, it is my goal and my purpose to continue to expand and provide optimal results in the least amount of time.  As Powerful Physical Therapy continues to grow through the community, it is my underlying objective, responsibility, and driven pursuit towards providing patients with a new gold standard of patient care and health. Powerful Physical Therapy stands by the fact that patients deserve a completely hassle-free and up-front approach, one-on-one individualized care, faster outcomes and POWERFUL results!

I couldn't have done it alone.  Thank you to all who have helped and guided me along the way. To my loving family, supportive friends, coaches, teachers, colleagues, peers, mentors and most importantly, my patients.  Watching you succeed fuels me and reminds me why I love being YOUR Physical Therapist.



Dr. Cat Powell 

Owner/Founder of Powerful Physical Therapy, PLLC

We Come to You - Long Island, NY  |  info@powerfulpt.com | 631-317-1222 

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