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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. Do I need a referral or doctor's prescription?

A: No.  In New York state we have "Direct Access" - meaning that you do not need a referral from your doctor to receive care from us.  If you do have a script though, we can absolutely still see you and please bring it for your appointment! 

Q. How does a Virtual PT session work?  How do I get better without the hands on part?

A: Through a live video platform, your physical therapist will be able to see you move, listen to the symptoms you have, answer your questions, and bring you through a movement sequence to help alleviate your pain right away.  Then you'll be given a customized home exercise program so you'll know exactly what to do to best help your body.

Q. Do you accept my insurance? 
A: We are an out of network provider - meaning that we are able to provide you with a detailed receipt (Superbill) at the end of each treatment session for you to submit to your insurance company.  This may allow you to receive full or partial reimbursement depending upon your specific insurance plan.  


Q. Why come to you over a traditional physical therapy clinic?

A: Why Powerful Physical Therapy is DIFFERENT. At traditional PT clinics, they typically have to see 2-4 patients an hour to keep up with the demands of the clinic. That means patients more often than not do not get any 1 on 1 time with their Therapist. They will be sent to perform their exercises with an office aide. This leads to a product of going to PT 2-3 times per week for months, with no end in sight. We know because we have been there!

At Powerful Physical Therapy we see ONE client at a time allowing us to give YOU our undivided attention. Due to this one on one care, our clients gain a deeper understanding of their diagnosis, how to manage their pain, and are guided through a specific exercise program by the same Physical Therapist that treats them. Yes, you have your own Doctor of Physical Therapy with you the entire time. As a result, our clients get better faster (within less visits) and quickly gain independence in how to maintain their wellness outside of PT. Now who wouldn’t want that?

Q. How many visits (sessions) will I need?
A: It is impossible to know or predict the amount of visits you will require until we perform a thorough evaluation and examination, but the good thing is that by receiving one-on-one care (60 minute visits), you will require less treatment visits than at other clinics where you work with a therapist for less than 15 minutes.  

Q. Do you bring a treatment table to my home?
A: Yes. We bring a treatment table and medical bag with various tools and exercise equipment.  If you have any fitness equipment at home, even better!  We will make sure to customize your home exercise program to use the tools you have available to you.  We don't need much space, just enough to place the table and be able to move around it.


Q. What if I don't have any workout equipment?

A: That's not a problem!  There are so many exercises you can do without any fancy equipment.  We will give you options based off of what you have at home.

Q. What should I wear for my first visit?
A: We suggest wearing loose-fitting and comfortable clothes for your physical therapy visits.  Also, keep in mind that your painful area will be examined by your Doctor of Physical Therapy.  Therefore...


  • If you have neck pain then a loose collared shirt is best; 

  • If you have lower back pain, wear a loose-fitting shirt so we can touch/feel your lower back;

  • If you have knee pain, then it's best to wear shorts or loose pants that can roll up above the knee;

  • If you have shoulder pain, a loose fitting tee shirt or sleeveless tee shirt is best;

Q. How do I learn more or inquire about cost, insurance and availability
A: Call or send us a text message to (631) 317-1222.  If you call, and Dr. Powell does not answer right away (usually if she is treating) please leave a message.  You can ask any questions you may have.  Dr. Powell will discuss your symptoms and your goals (and, results that you're looking for).  Then, she will determine if you are a good fit for our practice.  It's important that you hear about our Customized Treatment Protocols and Clinical Approach.  This will be discussed BEFORE you decide to schedule your first home therapy visit.

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