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Treat YOuR Loved One To a

Therapeutic Massage

What We're Offering:

Give the gift of rejuvenation and wellness this Valentine's Day!


*SALE February 7 - 14*


Discounted In Home Massage

Powerful Gift Certificates are redeemable for Packages, PT, Massage, Wellness Visits, or can be applied to Monthly Programs!

Choose $50, $100, $150, $200, or $500! 

Redeem an electronic gift certificate or voucher!

In Home Massage

*Long Island Only*


20% off!

Treat your loved one to a 1 hour hands on session that will help them feel better or recover faster.


Choose from: 

  • Massage (instrument assisted available)

  • Stretching 

  • Cupping

  • Trigger Point Release

  • Active Release Therapy

  • Detailed Physical Therapy Evaluation with hands on treatment and a customized home exercise program


They will leave feeling rejuvenated.

Usually $175  Now $140

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