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Wellness & Injury Prevention

Don't wait for an injury to happen.   Powerful PT is a firm believer that movement is medicine and we can help you optimize your performance.

Your goals are our #1 priority.  We cater every session to fit your needs and help you achieve your goals.


How do we help?  Scroll down to learn more.

Recovery Sessions

Therapeutic massage and stretching.

Upper Back Massage
Child Physiotherapy

Get the hands on treatment you need to help alleviate soreness, aches, or pains and help you stay active.


Whether you are a focused athlete trying to stay healthy both in and out of season, the weekend warrior, or the busy mom/dad/grandparent running around to all of your child's activities...


You work hard, treat yourself!

Recovery options to best suit your needs:

  • Sports/Recovery Massage

  • Therapeutic Massage

  • Soft tissue mobilization (STM)

  • Instrument assisted STM

  • Massage gun

  • Stretching

  • Cupping

  • Kinesio Taping

Personal Training

If you're looking for accountability, motivation, and consistency, Powerful Personal Training sessions are for you! 

Jacki arms2.png

Depending on your location, sessions can occur in person or virtually.  Either way you will get the workout and push you need to help become a healthier you!

Having a Doctor of Physical Therapy train you ensures the safest and most effective workouts regardless of your medical history or past injuries.

Remote training programs are also available for those who want a customized workout plan to perform on their own.

3D Movement Analysis

Made for those who want to learn how they move, mitigate asymmetries, and optimize their performance.

What does a 3D Movement Analysis Entail?

Utilizing a state of the art 3D motion capture software by Kinotek, we are able to screen how you move head to toe.  This provides instant feedback and a visual for you to improve how you move.


This is a non-obligation appointment that will give you all of the information you need to make the BEST decision about YOUR health! 

How is this different from Physical Therapy? There is no hands on treatment, diagnosis, special tests or exercise plans.  You can monitor the work you're doing on your own and come back to see how you've progressed with a follow up screen.

Enhance Your Performance

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How to Squat Properly

Powerful Physical Therapy
How to Squat Properly
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How to Squat Properly

How to Squat Properly

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Active Warm-up

Active Warm-up

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