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Wellness & Injury Prevention

Don't wait for an injury to happen.   Powerful PT is a firm believer that movement is medicine and we can help you get the most out of your life.

Your goals are our #1 priority.  We cater every session to fit your needs and help you achieve your goals.


How do we help?  Scroll down to learn more.

"Catherine did a home visit per my request.  She was punctual, very friendly, and very clean {COVID-19 Precautions}.  I requested a deep tissue and that's what she delivered.  She's a great masseuse as well as physical therapist.  I have a lot of issues because I have cancer and she was familiar with actually every single one of them.  I really enjoy her and her company and will book her again.  This woman knows her stuff!"  - Rene G.

Recovery Sessions

Therapeutic massage and stretching.

Upper Back Massage
Child Physiotherapy

Get the hands on treatment you need to help alleviate soreness, aches, or pains and help you stay active.


Whether you are a focused athlete trying to stay healthy both in and out of season, the weekend warrior, or the busy mom/dad running around to all of your child's activities...


You work hard for what you want to achieve, treat yourself!


Sessions are performed in the comfort of your home or studio in Miller Place. Sixty or ninety minute sessions available.

Recovery options to best suit your needs:

  • Sports/Recovery Massage

  • Therapeutic Massage

  • Soft tissue mobilization (STM)

  • Instrument assisted STM

  • Massage gun

  • Stretching

  • Cupping

  • Kinesio Taping

Personal Training

If you're looking for accountability, motivation, and consistency, Powerful Personal Training sessions are for you! 

Jacki arms2.png

Depending on your location, sessions can occur in person or virtually.  Either way you will get the workout and push you need to help become a healthier you!

Having a Doctor of Physical Therapy train you ensures the safest and most effective workouts regardless of your medical history or past injuries.

Remote training programs are also available for those who want a customized workout plan to perform on their own.

"My pre and postpartum experience took a toll on my body.  I had wrist, shoulder, neck, and back pains.  Dr. Powell took the time to listen to my story and thoroughly evaluate my pain points.  After only a few sessions, I was able to notice an immediate difference.  Even better, Dr. Powell provided me with a detailed outline of the exercises and stretches I could do on my own to continue rehabilitation through self-care.  Dr. Powell is a great coach and motivator, she keeps it real and wants only the best care for her clients.  For all the other mom's out there, treat yourself to some self-care with Dr. Powell.  She comes to you, can work around your schedule, and can also give a Powerful sports massage if needed." - Kelly S.

Functional Assessments

Made for those who wish to improve their activity efficiency, performance, or the way they move in general


What does a Functional Assessment Entail?

A Functional Assessment is about 45-60 minutes long and a way for you to share any and all of your concerns.  You may ask any questions you have about your situation or pain. This will determine if you and Dr. Powell are a good fit for each other.  If not, she would be more than happy to help you find the best solution or provider to assist you.


This is a non-obligation appointment that will give you all of the information you need to make the BEST decision about YOUR health! 

Fill out the form below to inform Dr. Powell of your situation and set up an appointment.

Enhance Your Performance