We Help Athletes and Active Adults Feel Normal and Pain Free Without Medications, Injections or Multiple Trips to the Doctor's Office. 

Powerful Physical Therapy offers premiere,

1-on-1 mobile/concierge and virtual Physical Therapy services. You are busy - so let us travel to your home, gym, or workplace.

We believe nothing should dictate the quality of your health care, except what is the best for you. Our Doctor of Physical Therapy provides one-on-one patient care and helps you get out of pain and back to your favorite activities you love.

About Us

A native to Long Island, New York, Dr. Catherine Powell grew up competing in sports,  ultimately leading her into this profession after rehabbing multiple injuries herself. Her passion to help people fueled her to set up an environment where patients are the priority and get the undivided attention of their Physical Therapist.  Dr. Powell helps people get back to activities they love without pain medications, injections or multiple trips to the doctor's office.

Dr. Powell attended Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia where she played both soccer and lacrosse.  There,  she graduated Magna Cum Laude with her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences.  Dr. Powell completed her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Stony Brook University where she was presented....

Catherine Powell PT, DPT

What We Offer

One - on - One Sessions

Unlike many other physical therapy practices, we never double or triple-book our patients. You’ll be with your assigned physical therapist the entirety of your session, every session. We will work hard to help you get the best outcome possible and accomplish all of your goals

Always Work With a 
Physical Therapist

We never have techs or assistants work

with you during your sessions. Instead, you’ll work exclusively with the most qualified physical therapist. When we receive your call and hear your symptoms, we make sure that you are in the best place to help you. Your physical therapist will

be with you every step of the way and through the entire journey.

Money-Back Guarantee



Powerful Physical Therapy, PLLC provides a new patient care model that focuses on what is truly best for the you, the patient. Don’t settle for the standard healthcare and average outcomes. Get the personalized high quality treatment you deserve! Here we offer a money back guarantee with our treatment packages.

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