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We Help Athletes and Active Adults

Feel Normal and Pain Free Without Medications, Injections or Multiple Trips

to the Doctor's Office. 

Powerful Physical Therapy offers premiere,

1-on-1 concierge and virtual Physical Therapy services. You are busy - so let us travel to your home, gym, or workplace.

If you prefer to get out of your house,

come see us at the Patchogue Wellness Center.

157 N. Ocean Ave. #1, Patchogue, NY 11772 

We believe nothing should dictate the quality of your health care, except what is the best for you. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy provide one-on-one patient care to help you get out of pain and back to your favorite activities you love.

"As a new mom, I developed many new aches and pains.  Dr. Powell worked with me so that I can build back muscle strength.  Her virtual sessions were so informative and I've gained a lot of confidence from every meeting we have!  She is so patient and understanding, and works to help you crush your goals!" - Wilmina G.

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"Cat is knowledgeable, helpful, and upbeat.  Physical Therapy used to be a miserable experience in which I ran through the same four exercises that never seemed to equate to much.  Now, I'm growing stronger and more stable than ever, and having fun doing it!  Cannot recommend highly enough!" - Matt A. 


"Dr. Catherine is amazing to work with and has given me exercises that focused on my goals and I look forward to doing!  She was very easy to talk to and understanding of my goals.  I explained to Dr. Catherine my current back injury and what I was trying to prevent.  She was also very knowledgeable about other issues I may come across and helped to make sure I meet my goals and prevent future injuries.  If anyone is considering reaching out to her, do not hesitate!" - Meredith J.