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rogerfaceRoger Dickerman, NASM CPT

tonyfaceTony Federico, B.S. Exercise and Sports Science, ACSM HFS


A session with Roger is more than just a workout; it's a life lesson. I come away from every session with more tools to live healthfully and make good choices.Roger understands how hard the journey is, but he is supremely good at breaking down barriers, eliminating excuses, and making the path clear and open so that making those healthy choices is just a little bit easier.

Beth Finn

Personal training takes competency, impeccable education, communication skills, and effective time management. Tony has shown all of these in my working with him and relating to him. But most of all, he has shown an interest in my well-being. He has encouraged me in my strengths and dreams, has taught me helpful things on health & nutrition, and has set an example of professionalism that has ignited in me a greater desire to do better! I respect him and would commend him to anyone in the "Training World"... and beyond!”

Andy Farina , Director of EDGE Obstacle and Tactical Training

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