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Get Results From A Clinical Expert, From The Comfort Of Your HOME 

"Thank you so much for all of this!  I'm so impressed by the personalized, full time one on one via the virtual session" - M.P.

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My telehealth experience with Dr. Cat was incredible!  She carefully listened to my concerns and asked detailed questions to ensure she knew exactly what the problem was.  She took her time with me and gave excellent recommendations that resolved my concerns!  She sends detailed plans of exercises to help guide you, and a helpful app you can use on your phone which shows her performing the exercises!  This was especially helpful for keeping me on tract, and reminding me how to do the exercise if I forgot.  It is evident that Dr. Cat loves what she does, and is committed to bringing you back to full functionality!  She is compassionate and gentle, and extremely intelligent.  I was extremely impressed by her ability to eliminate potential concerns, gentle approach and ultimate professionalism!  I can't recommend her enough" - L.B.

Powerful Physical Therapy Virtual Visits

Take the First Step Towards Getting Pain Free Today!

What Do You Get With A

Powerful Telehealth Visit?


Great Question. Here Is Everything You Get During The Visit:

60 Minute Evaluation

With a Doctor of Physical Therapy 

This comprehensive Telehealth visit will focus on solving the root cause of your pain and making sure

you fully understand why you have your pain and what is causing it.

Get An Accurate Differential Diagnosis 

Learn all of the possibilities or root causes that could be WHY you are experiencing your pain and symptoms.

Breakdown And Review

Other Patient Cases Similar To Yours 

See what exactly happened with other patients with the same or similar diagnosis and how they recovered.


Live Q & A With Your Doctor

Of Physical Therapy 

You will have plenty of time to ask any question you may have about your pain, treatment, outcomes, etc.


Get A Customized Home Exercise Program 

Now that we know what is wrong, we work on fixing it.

Get an individualized home program for you to start with day 1!


Get Access To A Physical Therapist 24/7 

No need to wait days and weeks to ask a question. Call, text, or email your

Specialist at any time... plus, get instant feedback.


 As A Special Offer, You Get All Of This For A Low Price Of .....



Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits

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Powerful Physical Therapy Video Visits

Take the First Step Towards Getting Pain Free Today!

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