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Patellar Tendonitis

You may have heard of "Jumper's knee" which is another name for patellar tendonitis.

When someone experiences pain along the front of their knee, their Physical Therapist or physician can determine if the patellar tendon is injured or inflamed, which can cause pain with certain movements.

Most people will have pain below the knee cap with jumping, running, or walking. There might be swelling in the area, along with difficulty fully bending or straightening the knee.

How does it get better?

Working with a physical therapist, like myself, can help identify weaknesses, mobility limitations, and other contributing factors to get to the root cause of your pain. You will also learn how to redirect abnormal forces and decrease stress through the knee with specific movement patterns.

Strength and stability training are necessary to heal and prevent flare ups from happening again in the future. While you might modify some activities initially, this will allow the inflammation to decrease, the tissues to rebuild and get stronger, then allow you to do more without pain.

The body is incredible at healing and sometime we need just a few simple cues to retrain the mind and body with how we move.

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