Do You Know How to Safely Take off Gloves... Especially During COVID-19?

In order to protect yourself and others, it is important to properly remove and dispose of rubber gloves to decrease the spread of germs and infection. Watch this video to learn how!

If you have any extra gloves, masks or protective equipment, please donate to your local hospital or nursing facility! Our health care workers on the front lines need it more than those of us staying at home.

For your essential shopping, you can wear a washable, reusable mask and wash your hands before and after touching various objects, door knobs, personal items, etc.. Limit touching your face and cross contaminating other surfaces. If you do wear gloves, please throw them out in the nearest garbage can and not on the ground!!

By staying home and physically distancing yourself, you are not just protecting your family but those who are at risk. If you and your family are bored at home and healthy, that means the lock down worked and you helped decrease the spread!

Stay Home, Stay Healthy, and Stay Safe.

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