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How To Work Movement Into A Busy Schedule

Many of us have a fully packed day which may include work, school, childcare, house care, yard work, errands, making meals, responding to emails/texts, sports, caregiving, personal hygiene and more.

When we are feeling overwhelmed with our never ending to-do list, that's when it's most important to prioritize self care and moments for yourself. Rest is just as important as movement and both need to be incorporated into your weekly routine which will ultimately help you have more energy and productivity.

Movement doesn't have to be another chore or unenjoyable activity just to "get it done". Nor does it have to be a formal, hour long workout. If you're limited on time, find 5 minute spurts throughout the day and work it into your busy routine. Park in a farther spot at work or when running errands. Take more standing breaks to get out of your chair. Do leg exercises while doing the dishes. Find something that works for you! 5 minutes of activity won't get you in shape but it's better than nothing. The more time you accrue throughout the day of various movements will ultimately add up to improve circulation, decrease tension and improve brain function.

How are you going to get movement in this week?


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