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What a pain in the A$$

How do you know if you have sciatica or something else?

Sciatica originates in the lumbar spine, usually from a herniated disc, bone spur, stenosis, or in more rare cases, a tumor. This compression of the nerve often refers pain down one leg. The pain can feel like sharpness, tingling, numbness, burning or an ache. If you have severe pain, loss of bladder or bowel function, severe weakness in the legs, vomiting, and/or complete sensation loss of that leg seek medical attention immediately. If you don't have any of those more serious symptoms, seeing a Physical Therapist should be your next course of action. *Photo from SpineUniverse

During a Physical Therapy Evaluation, we utilize specific movements and tests to determine if the pain is originating from you back or somewhere else in the body. Piriformis syndrome also produces symptoms that are similar to sciatica and your PT will be able to differentiate that for you. Then, utilizing a combination of special techniques and exercises, you'll be able to improve your strength, mobility, flexibility, and decrease symptoms to get you back to the activities you love.

If you've been dealing with low back or leg pain, contact us to learn what you can do to start feeling better. Email: or fill out the form below:


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