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5 Mindful Minutes a Day

Many of us find ourselves running around non stop for work, family care, errands, chores, making meals, etc.. It's not that surprising when health and wellness goals fall to the wayside amidst a crazy schedule. Certain tasks we must get done, so how can we still find time to take care of ourselves? The key is starting with 5 minutes a day.

Next time you're scrolling, set a timer to see how much time has accrued mindlessly looking at Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, amazon, email..... It is most likely WAY MORE than 5 minutes. So you can find 5 minutes to spare each day, you do have time. While scrolling you are probably craving time to "veg out", or rest and relax. Focusing just a few minutes on a mindful practice can do wonders long term for your mind, body and spirit.

Start by setting a 5 minute timer. Do not check your phone otherwise during this time.

In those 5 minutes tune into your senses: what do you see, hear, taste, smell, and feel?

What is your body craving? Stillness, movement, visualization, rest, getting outside? Listen to your body and give it what it needs, fully being mindful and present with what you're doing.

This will probably feel challenging at first, thinking of the never ending to-do list, wanting to check your texts.... but just about anything can wait 5 minutes without disaster ensuing. As intrusive thoughts come to mind, simply acknowledge them but let them go as if they were a cloud moving in the wind.

You can do this! Taking 5 minutes for yourself will give you the mental fortitude to gradually increase time or moments where you prioritize your wellbeing.

If you need guidance and accountability, our team at Powerful PT is happy to help you carve out time to prioritize your needs and goals.

mindfulness practice at the beach


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