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Adductor Strain

We've touched on other types of hip pain over the past few months. The most similar to an adductor strain is a hip impingement. Both can cause groin pain and usually have similar muscles and tendons that are involved.

The adductors are our inner thigh muscles. They run from the groin down to the inside of the knee. The adductors are strained most often in agility sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis, etc.

I was that soccer player who always had an adductor strain at the start of season and would often need my hip wrapped prior to games.

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Most mild to moderate strains heal within 2-6 weeks while undergoing PT. Severe tears will take longer.

People often have pain on the inside of their thigh or groin that increases with side lunges, twisting, bringing their legs together, raising their knee, or strenuous activity.

Through specific strengthening, mobility, and other functional exercises, people are able to get moving, get out of pain and back to activities they enjoy.

If you're dealing with groin pain reach out today so you can learn how to mitigate that pain. Email: or fill out the form below

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